Shanda Young


I started working with shanda in 2018.
I was planning a trip of a lifetime and needed to get in shape.
She tailored a workout just for me. My body transformation was amazing under her guidance.
I've been  with Young&fit since it's inception. I had doubts about zoom and the quality of the workouts.  I was wrong,  it's an awesome workout!
It's one on one training.
I'm looking forward to outdoor bootcamp!!!


Shanda is more than a Personal Trainer. She is a woman of God who has an amazing gift. I was so nervous and excited on my first session I was late, but somehow Shanda managed to squeeze in a full workout. Shanda has so many personal and professional qualities. Property teaching you a deadlift, plank, or burpee. Burpees are one of her favorites. My personal favorite is her compassion. She did not shy away from a woman with limited strength and mobility. Nope, she pushed me. Encouraging me to do 1 more or hold on for 10 more seconds. I am so glad I did both. Giving up was not an option. Shanda subtle training techniques are personalized to each client. My body feels great after every session. Fitness is a part of my life.  A couple of her clients have turned their basements into a mini gym. If you want to improve your body and mind. Start with Shanda.